The Perfect Living Experience - Fisher Floor Plan

The Perfect Living Experience

A home is more than just walls, a roof, and some furniture. It’s a place where we relax after a long day and where we celebrate life’s milestones. And when it comes to finding the perfect home, the details truly matter. While every floor plan that we have is a true masterpiece, the Fisher floor plan is exceptional! It caters to your lifestyle and the life that you truly deserve. Let’s dive into the perfect living experience!

A Perfect Size for Ultimate Comfort

When it comes to finding an ideal living space, size does matter. The Fisher floor plan boasts a spacious 839 SF of spacious living space. It’s not too vast to feel overwhelming, yet it’s not cramped. This makes it perfect for singles, couples, or even small families who want a balance of cozy...

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A Cozy Culinary And Community Hub - Scallops wrapped in Bacon pic by Lynn G. Sept 2021 on Yelp

A Cozy Culinary And Community Hub

When it comes to finding that perfect local hangout, Dillon’s Local stands out as a hidden gem in the Alexan Kingston community. Nestled near your new home, this inviting establishment offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere that keeps locals coming back for more. Let’s delve into what makes Dillon’s Local a must-visit spot in town.

A Cozy Retreat

Dillon’s Local...

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Swaying Into The Allure Of Nature - Hammock

Swaying Into The Allure Of Nature

Life is a whirlwind, with its ups, downs, and all-arounds. Every so often, you need an escape, a place to hit pause and rejuvenate. Step into Alexan Kingston’s courtyard—a blend of relaxation and charm that will give you those much-needed moments of peace. Swaying into the allure of nature awaits you here in our community.

The Allure Of Whispering Flames

At the heart of our...

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Elegance And Beauty In Design - modern kitchen with island, granite countertop, and cabinets

Elegance And Beauty In Design

Dreamt of living in a place where the fine details shout elegance and taste? Alexan Kingston transforms that dream into a reality. At the heart of our interiors, you’ll find the stunning tile backsplash, a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. Perfectly complemented by the beauty of the granite countertops. Every element is chosen with the utmost care, ensuring that luxury is felt in...

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Where Dreams Find A Home - B2 luxury two-bedroom Floor Plan

Where Dreams Find A Home

Ever thought about what makes a home truly special? Homes are more than just walls and windows; they’re the setting for our stories. Alexan Kingston’s B2 floor plan offers a backdrop that feels like it’s where dreams find a home. Let’s explore the wonders of this design together.

Turning Dreams Into A Reality

Step into the B2 floor plan, and you’ll...

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