Catering To Your Furry Friends - Cat

Catering To Your Furry Friends

Alexan Kingston offers you a luxurious way of catering to your furry friends. Pets are more than just animals; they’re family. And just like us, they deserve a bit of pampering now and then. At our pet spa, your furry friends can enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable grooming experience. Let’s see what makes this pet spa a special place.


Catering To Your Little Family

The pet spa at Alexan Kingston has your pets in mind. It’s not just a regular grooming area; it’s a space where pets can feel comfortable and cared for. The soft lighting, pleasant scents, and gentle sounds make it a calming place. You can get the results you want in this professional-grade space. Your pet will leave the spa looking and feeling fantastic!


A Place for All Your Furry Pets

After grooming, pets can play and socialize in the designated play area. It’s a great way for them to burn off some energy and make new friends. The pet spa at Alexan Kingston welcomes all types of pets, big or small. So take Fluffy for her afternoon walk then pop into the pet spa for a quick refresh. There is plenty of luxury to share at Alexan Kingston.

Sanctuary For Relaxation

Of course, you can find plenty of people-friendly features when you live at Alexan Kingston. Spend your weekends escaping into the tranquil relaxation of the saltwater swimming pool. Float lazily all afternoon and free yourself from stress. Do you like to workout? Then you will love the Strength and Cardio fitness studio. Feel the burn as you indulge in a healthy and fit lifestyle. You have plenty of freedom to build the upscale lifestyle you deserve when you live at Alexan Kingston.

Catering to your furry friends just became easier at Alexan Kingston. Give your pets a good life in our community. Call now and schedule a tour!