Pepperoni Pizza - Mamma Mia's of Kingston

Mamma Mia’s of Kingston

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Mamma Mia’s

Finding a decent slice of pizza is almost as ancient as the quest for fire. Luckily you don’t have to work too hard to find the perfect pie. Mamma Mia’s of Kingston is your stop for the best local pizza. In their words, “In 1974, two brothers from Airola, Italy, Pasquale and Giovanni Viscariello, along with their wives Maria and Eugenia, opened their first Italian restaurant in Kingston. They named it “Mamma Mia’s” in honor of their mother. Their children, Salvatore, Antonio, Gina, and John, worked tirelessly beside them, assembling pizza boxes by the hundreds until they were tall enough to reach the counter.” Fast-forward a few years, and you can still taste the magic of their first pizza.

Dining near Alexan Kingston

C.G. shares, “My family and I had been going to Mama Mia’s since the late ’70s. It was a local joint that was good for families but almost always packed. The reason was the pizza. Even people like my parents, who spent years in NYC, always said it was the best they’d ever had. The staff was great. You could watch the guys in the kitchen tossing the dough old school style. And we usually had a really nice and funny waitress who had a real Brooklyn vibe.”

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What will you do your first weekend at Alexan Kingston? Will you explore seaside restaurants in nearby Plymouth, or will you scan the shops at the Kingston Collection mall? Wherever adventure leads you, there is always a good time waiting there. So be bold.

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