Plymouth Center for the Arts near Alexan Kingston - image source: TripAdvisor

Plymouth Center for the Arts near Alexan Kingston

Add an artistic outlook to your weekends at Alexan Kingston. Our luxury apartments allow our creative residents to thrive in their comfort zone. Like the Plymouth Center for the Arts, your fantastic neighborhood offers easy access to nearby cultural opportunities. So indulge your favorite hobbies or explore our Kingston community to find the newest trends in art, painting, photography, sculpting, and more.

Plymouth Center for the Arts

Whether you’re an aspiring artist or admire the skill put into every piece, the Plymouth Center for the Arts is the perfect place to visit. It features a constant cycle of artwork from local artists and classes for all ages and skill levels. It’s only four miles from our luxury apartments, so you can drive to their front doors in ten minutes or less.

A Calendar of Artistry

The Plymouth Center for the Arts keeps a seasonal calendar of exhibitions and galleries available throughout the year. There’s always something new to admire upon every visit. They also offer exclusive exhibits, social events, and auctions for those who sign up for their membership. So don’t be afraid to contribute if you love their art.

Expand Your Color Palate

Plymouth also offers classes for students of all ages to learn whatever art mediums and skills they desire. Try your hand at origami folding, drawing with pencil, oil painting, pottery, and more. You’ll love classes taught by professional teachers passionate about their subject. 

Schedule your Alexan Kingston tour and lease today. Then spend your first weekend exploring local attractions. A better life awaits you here, so don’t miss out!