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"it's been good: our unit is quiet and neighbors friendly. I wish the hot water was hotter and the water pressure was higher. The staff I see are hard working professionals who keep the common areas clean and from smelling like wet dog for too long after it rains."
"i love it i love all of the extra rooms especially the game room and the staff is so nice it is so nice to live here the no complaints at all wil be renewing"
"I’m new here but my first impression is the office manager and other staff members it’s very nicely the building is nice clean the apartment it’s excellent"
"The managment team here need to be recognized for the hard work they put in making Alexan a comfortable place to live. With so many different tenants life style and customs it has presented challenges that aren’t in sone kind of script ie if it’s Tuesday it must be ???? They’ve worked to overcome most and are worth a good mention."
"Apartment not ready on sign the lease day, numerous items not working stains on the wall, dish washer leaking, Landry machines not hooked up at all. Now ugly aluminum tape holding dryer vent hose in place brand new never used not a good a good appearance if you ask me."
"Nice modern style apartments. Plenty of room and amenities so there's always something to do. Plus the pool for the summer is really nice to have right there."
"Everyone on the staff team I’ve talked to has been very helpful and patient helping me understand all the different moving parts. I haven’t met many other residents yet but those I have have been very welcoming and nice."
"The staff is excellent and the maintenance crew is exceptional. Residents hanging around the outside of the building could be a problem at times. My experience here has been mostly good."
"I am very happy in my apartment. The staff is wonderful. Easy access in and out of building have my own parking space very affordable and very happy here apartment has everything I need."
"It is very noisy, and I am able to hear both upstairs neighbors and downstairs neighbors most of the time. Maintenance has always been quick to resolve issues within the apartment, which is appreciated."
"Kind people. Good location. The walls could be a little thicker. Wish the pool was open until Columbus Day - September is still pool weather"
"Very great place. I love the people who run the place the maintenance department is great. Everybody is very nice and friend. The building is very clean. Very kept. The ground is very nice. Everything about the place is very, very nice."
"Living here has been very changing for me. Because I went from a 7 room house to here moved in in August finally got settled in. Can't wait to use the pool next year. The people are very nice meeting alot of them. Just to say I am very happy here"
"Beautiful neighborhood and closer target! I can already tell I’ll enjoy living here! I’m glad we chose this apartment! Best decision! Yayyay"
"It’s okay there’s a lot that could be improved for the money we are paying to be here sometimes it’s frustrating like the coffee machine never works matenince has a terrible attitude and stuff always seems like I break"
"Love it so far and deciding to love here was easily the best decision! Neighbors and staff are nothing but friendly. Also in a very nice location where you don't have to travel far for things!"
"We have been here for 6 months and absolutely just love it! The amenities are great and maintenance team is quick and efficient. Our dog loves the dog park and grabbing a yummy treat by the leasing office."
"The leasing staff is super helpful. The maintenance staff has a also very good. Most of the residents do not follow rules for picking up their dog poo, smoking on the property ( smoking pot in their units / this has been an issue for me since it comes into my unit through the vents in the bathroom). I don’t smoke, and I don’t expect to come home to “ smoke and drug free” home and have m closet filled with pot smoke. I get drug tested for work and I do not want to smell it or have to inhale it. It’s hard to avoid it Ben in the hallways. Some other residents do not comply with the quiet times , leaving their dogs home all day and they howl and bark for hours. THe walls are thin and you can hear and smell everything ."
"Very good, I have nothing bad to talk about and a place a lot of work and good to live all are welcoming and very polite very sastifeita………."
"I enjoy the apartment, the storage. Staff aren’t very personable, seems they do what they can to avoid eye contact and avoid having to say hello. For a new building, maintenance issues arise very frequently both in the individual apartments and the general building which is unfortunate."
"Great community. Clean common areas, and fast response times from maintenance when needed. Most everyone respect the quiet hours and is friendly in passing."
"Leasing staff is great maintenance staff is great! Great community of ppl. All we’re missing is smiles sometimes. A lot of accessories and eminenty that are great ice breaker. So many ppl so much diversity but everyone is one community I like this very much."
"It’s amazing here wonderful ppl amazing environment always clean outside quiet always good vibes never problems good ppl and everyone is respectful"
"We have been here for 2 weeks now and I had a few issues with my apartment and put work ordered in for them and they where taking care of with in a day. Its very welcoming here everyone is friendly."
"some neighbors here keep using bad language and banging in morning before 7 am. keeps waking us up. bad language should not be used here several times."
"Maintenance is always quick and helpful when needed. Leasing office is kind to answer any concerns. Only issue we seem to be having is people smoking out front and it coming up to our windows, as well as very loud neighbors below us, especially being right above the front door. Also wish the main door locked correctly it's always available to open any time of the night."
"i have no major complaints about my time so far at alexan. the number one thing i would change is making the outside doors secure because i always see them not closed all the way or propped open. also the fire alarm goes off so much and i really still don’t understand why even after asking several times myself and also talking to other tenants that have inquired about the issue"
"Everyone has been so welcoming. Couple minor issues I had were handled right away and pleasantly. Loving it here so far. I love that it is dog friendly living and the units are so quiet."
"It’s been great! And wonderful everyone is so nice and I can’t wait to be in such a great community where everyone is so friendly and the staff is great"
"It's a great place to live and there's a lot of dogs and quiet neighbors. However leasing is constantly sending emails about more work on the building being done or more reasons they will be entering our apartment. There is also always so much dog feces all over the grass. You can barely step anywhere without stepping in it."
"Although I have only been a resident for a short time, I am very happy to be part of the Alexan Kingston community, the apartments are great, very well distributed and spacious, the only thing I have been missing is a play ground for the children."
"Alexan Kingston is very clean and nice. The location is extremely conveinant. The commom areas are great. I am really enjoying how modern the building is"
"I love living at Alexan Kingston! Neighbors are really welcoming and friendly. I got upset because they closed the pool way too soon. They have a really nice outdoor patio with a fireplace and I love that! Also the dog playground is really nice."
"Good apartment building, friendly people and staff. Some people are loud late at night. At least it seems that the staff gets on people for not following the rules."
"I love my apartment! I love the Maintenance Staff. Marquis and Aaron are always at your apartment within an hour after you put in a work order. I’m not understanding why the Front Office does not do something about the people who are smoking on the premises. People signed a lease. They understood, or should have, understood what they were signing. The smell of skunk from pot that is being smoked on the 1st floor is disgusting."
"Staff is helpful, especially Kenneth. Pool, game room, and gym are awesome. Have had problems with package theft but otherwise have had a good experience."
"From our first tour of the property to moving in, it has been a smooth experience! We love the community and are so excited to call this our new home."
"love my apartment , feel safe, the staff is always informative and friendly , haven’t needed maintenance yet, love that my entrance hallway was painted ( looks great ), don’t know if you can control this but dogs are peeing and pooping in elevators and in hallways . On Labor Day there were splatters of poop going down the hallway near the first elevator . It was picked up 2 hours later but not by the owners . I’ve cleaned it in my elevator twice lately. Some of the elevators smell and are not cleaned . The only reason elevator 2 by the south entrance is clean is because I cleaned the grout and steel walls, and tiles . I couldn’t stand it anymore."
"New amenities are nice and convenient. Parking is also plenty. Guest designation may be helpful at times. Pool was good for the hot summer and grills"
"Beautiful apartments, great amenities, just needs a little improving. Such as parking, I've had to park out side of my parking lot a few times, there isn't enough room for trash and recycling, and too many sprinkles to a point it makes it hard to walk through the paths."
"The management in the main office is very helpful with anything I need help with. The residents are very frienalso it is a very peaceful environment"
"I’m so happy with the maintenance follow through. Maintenance is always available to fix a problem! Marquies is always helpful with a smile. The front desk is always helpful and professional. This summer the pool was amazing and perfect temperature. The pool is always clean too. I enjoyed the grills by the pool as well!"
"I have been here for one year I enjoy it very much. I like the amenities like that it’s just a short distance to Water St in Plymouth, shopping and restaurants."
"So great very good and satisfied with everything. Idk why this response needs this long of a response but I'll just keep typing some random stuff"
"Alexan is an upscale living experience. It’s set up to emulate living in a hotel. Great amenities allow you a variety of activities all without having to leave. The front office and staff are excellent at Thor job of assisting your living experience., and when something flies wrong all yhe staff help to resolve."
"Unfortunately I fear for my safety after being approached late at night in the parking lot and common areas several times and also hearing of break-ins."
"A very nice community and a staff that is willing to help. The one complaint that I have is the thin walls, floors, and ceilings. I've had a complaint about my apartment for walking in my unit at night."
"Mu responsable y linpios is very nice leaving here and I like it I recommend it to everyone who really want to have a nice safe life I'm happy because my daughter could walk around without no problem best thing I ever do in my life moving in here"
"Maintenance is generally very quick and helpful when needed/ a request is opened. The fire alarm goes off very frequently, which is frustrating for everyone. People have stopped evacuating, and will be in real danger if there is an actual fire."
"We’re loving it here. Love how fast they get back to you if there’s any issues. There’s great amenities, storage units, all you need in one place."
"The office and staff is very kind and helpful. A large percent of residents are untrustworthy and do not respect or take care of the property"
"I've recently become a resident in this community for about 4 months. Everything is ALMOST perfect ! With the exception of an increase of my electric bill, the continuous police presence and people not picking up their dog poop... my experience has been and will continue to be delightful. I would recommend friends and family to apply for luxury living, friendly neighbors and great amenities."
"We are mostly very happy with our experience of living at Alexan Kingston. People are nice, the accommodations are nice, and the office team seems to take care of all the matters regarding the community right away."
"Awesome so far! Gym looks great move in was easy. The entry door handle needs repair though. Excited to meet more people, and engage with members of the community."
"Many things need to be addressed and changed. You can not just send policy reminders and not enforce the rules with them as well. Respect goes both ways management and tenants but seeing the latest google reviews and the ratings for Lincoln Properties on BBB that definitely is not happening."
"The building itself and staff are great. I am concerned about the cleanliness of some of the common spaces, elevator etc. No idea how to improve that situation.,, maybe additional messaging similar to the recycling emails etc reminding people that the cleaning staff isn’t here 24/7 and to treat common spaces the way you would treat the inside of your home. Certainly not the biggest deal but can be a nuisance when you live in a high end place and have to walk over sticky soda or the smell of animals in the hallways…. Overall I am happy with my unit. The space works great and the convenience is top Notch. Would love to see a place to be able to clean cars etc… lots of focus on pets here… I don’t have one so not much of an opinion on those amenities.."
"My dog loves it here. She has made a whole bunch of friends. I like it here too. It’s a good place with some cool people. So far everyone is respectful and kind."
"Quiet, great amenities! Have used the office space a few times. The coffee bar is great. Feel very safe in the community. Tell everyone I know to move in"
"Our apartment checks all of our boxes and the view from the balcony can’t be beat. We are new to this community but we already feel so welcome and look forward to engaging more and getting to know other residents here."
"Everything and everyone have been exceptional. The common areas are clean and the courtyard is one of the great amenities. The surrounding area is great and a lot of things very close."
"I love my large modern 2BR / 2 BA corner unit on the 4th floor with 11 windows — bright! Leasing, maintenance and management personnel have been responsive and professional."
"Great location. Move in was easy enough. The staff are all very kind and helpful. The outdoor space is nice. Wish the walls were a bit more sound proofed."
"I am extremely satisfied with my experience here. The staff is extremely friendly, and welcoming. My neighbors are so sweet! I also appreciate the fact that this property is a dog community. I’m beyond grateful and thankful"
"People here are super friendly and staff are amazing love it here I would recommend this place to everyone love this place and can’t wait to meet more new people here"
"Nice and fun make it feel like home just wish we had a play ground I’d love that, otherwise I’m happy being here. getting to run around is a lot of fun"
"Everything went very smoothly. So far I am happy with the service. My only concern is the lack of supervision for non electric cars parking in the charging spots"
"I like the place so far the office people are very nice It is access to a lot of things people have one and two who are living here. Very nice people."
"Residents need to be heels accountable for things like smoking, cigarette butts being tossed around, dog waste, etc. Gym needs to be changed completely."
"A great community with 5-star amenities and services. Not only is the building modern and constantly maintained, but it is clean and smoke free."
"Loving the quietness of neighbors and smoke free building. Much more pleasant than our past apartment! The cleaning ladies deserve a big thumbs up they’re always so kind and working hard when I pass by!"
"There’s a lack of consideration among the community here. Not a fan. But management is great! I appreciate all the emails they send to try to address all the community issues"
"Maintenance is extremely quick to respond and address any issues. Communication overall is great. Pool temperature should be higher than 73 degrees lol, and the heater never turned off since we pay for a heated pool, as advertised."
"Maintenance was prompt in addressing issue with dryer. Noise is okay- some things can’t really be helped and come with the territory of having neighbors upstairs and downstairs. Appliances are like new and easy to use. Haven’t really used the amenities, aside from the mail room/ etc."
"small things keep breaking down but can be fixed. neighbors i have meet so far are nice. several see me with my walker and hold doors for me when i go and come back in."
"Apartment is very nice, but there needs to be a trash shoot, living on a higher floor provides some challenges to bringing things up and down due to the long hallways/distance to parking/trash area."
"Beautiful building! Lots of community options, friendly and helpful staff, plenty of parking , and very accessible! Lived here only 3 days so far and have met so many friendly neighbors and pets! We love it!"
"Friendly place. Staff is helpful. Close to family. I wish other tenants would obey the rules ie. Pick up after dogs, no smoking, trash and recycle disposal."
"The people at the leasing office are helpful and all other residents I have met are extremely kind. The apartments are beautiful and easy to picture yourself living in"
"I live on the fourth floor and it's super quiet and nice. Everyone I've met so far has been incredibly friendly and helpful. I love how dog friendly the community is too!"
"It’s been very good to come home and take my time with my family over the pool and other intertwined activities on my place Thank you Alexa for make my life a lot better"
"Very clean ! Staff is very nice and anytime we’ve needed maintenance they are here quickly! I also like that they call and make sure it’s okay to come inside."
"I moved into Kingston Collection Way because I was assured that a no smoking policy would be in place. I asked how this would be accomplished and I was told that it was strictly inforced. I wish I could say that this is true. If you go out by the garages there are smoking butts everywhere on the ground. Many e-mails have gone out reminding people of the No Smoking Policy and people just refuse to listen/care. I am so surprised by the amount of people that have moved in here who had no intention of abiding by the Rules of the complex. I love my apartment. The Maintenance People are great. Office Staff are equally great but this is a real problem for me. I suffer from asthma and can’t be walking through people who are smoking on the premises. I don’t want to be reporting people, example: what time did you see this; where was it done, pictures, etc. but I feel that they don’t care about me so why care about them. I don’t understand why there are more cameras around."
"So far everything works well in the apartment all the neighbors are very friendly Plenty of parking areas, neighbors, Abra family, and everybody is willing to help each other"
"Moved in at the beginning of May and our so happy! We love the dog park and the club room. Our apartment is beautiful and spacious and all the staff have been so attentive to anything that we have needed!"
"We absolutely love it here! The grounds are gorgeous and extremely well-maintained in a luxurious atmosphere. The management has been attentive, prompt and hands-on. The neighbors we've met are friendly but not too much, as some apartments we've encounterd. The feel here is peaceful, relaxing and surprisingly quiet and private. So far we couldn't be more pleased. We're happy and content to spent a year or so until we buy our forever home."
"We started our lease near beginning of the year but just moved in about a week ago. Found the staff to be very attentive from Ken on down to maintenance crew. look forward to enjoying the summer before we head south for the winter."
"I fi d everything generally very comfortable and everyone very nice. Sometimes the building feels more like a hotel than a community though."
"We absolutely love living at Alexan! The place is absolutely gorgeous! There are so many fun amenities to use. We can’t wait to use the pool this summer. Management is super responsive and everyone we have met is extremely friendly."
"Things have been fixed in a timely manner, which is appreciated. I have enjoyed getting to know some neighbors, as well as enjoy my alone time."
"Everyone has been friendly. It’s easy to blend into this community. My family and I have enjoyed our experience so far. It certainly feels like home."
"I loved the community from the very first time I stepped in it. I have said for years that when I move to the area this is the place I want to stay and I am glad I made that decision"
"The staff are always friendly in person and they were extremely helpful and responsive through email and the messaging center. Our maintenance request was completed almost immediately. The grounds, hallways, and common areas are clean. Very happy living at Alexan."
"1 day in and it’s going swell! Building smells clean and limited noise. Everyone I have met has been friendly and helpful! Looking forward to using the outside space!"
"I really like it here but the paint gets dirty fast with kids and it’s not easy to clean the walls. The cabinets are peeling and the floors lift."
"Not bad. Some room for improvement. For the most part, my apartment and the building are pretty good. There are a number of small issues in the apartment that were never dealt with, but I can live with them—related to workmanship. The biggest annoyance is the trash situation. I have to DRIVE to throw out the trash! Otherwise it takes up to 15 minutes, because the trash area is so far away. Always fun in the rain, snow, on cold days. Pretty quiet place to live though—that’s very important to me."
"It’s overall a nice building with good amenities. Typical luxury apartment building. I have however had issues with cleanliness as far as owners not cleaning up after animals or being held responsible by the office, cigarette butts scattered across the property, and trash occasionally."
"Things have been great for the most part! Just little things here and there to work out and settle, but good so far! Love that the courtyard is open!"
"I do not know many people in the community. Other than that it has been ok for the most part. Most of the people i pass in the hallway seem generally mild mannered, some friendly, some distant."
"Moved in a week ago, love this place, Alexan Kingston. Very spacious luxury apartments and every has been very friendly. It’s conveniently located next to a shopping center."
"We love the apartment. Clean hallways and grounds. Happy to be settling in. We have some maintenance items but overall very happy to come home and relax"
"Every one is so polite here. Everyone is so respectful and been so friendly. The leasing office is also been so helpful and friendly i especially like how the email us and updates us about everything that is happening."
"Nice move in experience. Could use additional item transports in case the one is being used. Great staff. Convenient location. Looking forward to warmer weather to experience all the amenities."
"This apartment community is absolutely amazing I love it here and I don't think I've ever seen or been in such a dog friendly community. I'd like to personally thank Chris and Kenneth for making the application process a breeze, both of you are absolutely amazing and so is Deborah!♡"
"The move in was smooth and the staff was amazing and helpful. Keep up the good work! All questions were answered, very friendly service and knowledgeable information about what was needed for move in."
"Love it here! So welcoming and inviting. Can’t wait for the warmer weather to hang outside! Looking forward to using the fire pit and grill and of course the pool."
"My door doesn’t shut all the way. It has to be deadbolt. I love the place. It’s great for a couple and 2 dogs. I’m loving the gym they offer"
"I have so far had an extremely pleasant time here at kingston collection! Neighbors are quiet. Building is well kept. An the ammenaties are great. Wish the trash was closer to each side but besides that all is well."
"Getting ready to move in. Everyone we meet are super nice. Residents seem very friendly. Staff seem very helpful and friendly also. Beautiful amenities"
"I have only been here 3 days, the staff in leasing office office very helpful. Brought a request to Chris got a response from maintenance right away."
"Everyone who lives and works at Alexan Kingston have been super friendly and kind! We enjoy the amenities, especially the game room and dog park. There are frequent dog poop bins and baggies around so you never have to walk far to dispose of it. Super pet friendly! We couldn’t be happier to call Alexan Kingston home."
"I love living here, there are maybe some corners cut in the the building as I noticed it has quite a draft from my windows and doors and maybe some other things. As far as everything else this far I am in love with the kitchen and bathroom. The balcony is amazing too, everyone is very friendly"
"We had such high hopes moving in. We fell in love with our apartment and quickly realized that everyone is the leasing office and maintenance team is very nice. Unfortunately, as more people move in, this is starting to feel like an overpriced crack house. Residents are not held accountable for any of the expectations set by advertisements or agreements in the lease. The property is covered in cigarette butts, trash, and dog feces. Several of the same areas in the building continuously wreak of marijuana. Specific apartments have the smell coming out of them or off of the balcony constantly. People smoke right outside of doors despite this being advertised as a smoke free PROPERTY. To me, this means I shouldn’t have to worry about cigarette butts or the smell of cigarettes or marijuana anywhere on the property, including exits or even getting in and out of the car or walking the dog. Kids are constantly unattended and the pool sticks have been broken for a few months now."
"So far we love it aside from some water temperature issues, which we haven’t had a chance to ask them to fix since we have only been here a couple hours. The guys in leasing were very polite and helpful. So far so good"
"I love my apartment,I enjoyed it for the last four months. This month someone moved in above me and it's very hard for me to have peace. It sounds like a 600 hundred pound person constantly moving around, pulling and tugging things, sometimes from 5pm to 1am and during the day. It's very disturbing, I'm not used to the apartment life-style. Hopefully she will get settled in."
"Overall, Alexan Kingston has exceeded my expectations. The unit design features and building amenities are fabulous, and location close to the commuter rail to Boston and Rte 3 super convenient."
"Parking is nice and spread out, never a hard time to find a spot. Dog poop getting picked up has been nice as of late. Snow removal has been good"
"I have been here a few months at the Alexan in Kingston. I can’t say enough about how wonderful it is here. Maintenance has been so help with anything that needs addressing in a swift timely matter. It’s reassuring to know you have a maintenance team that is there to help! The front desk administration has been so helpful and nice since day one. Always available if you have a issue or anything. They are very pleasant. It’s great to be so close to shopping here and the commuter rail."
"Fast response to Maintence inquiry. Leasing office made move in pleasurable. Units are beautiful. So far quiet! Expect to be really happy here in our new home!"
"Very clean and brand new. Most of the people here are alright and pretty nice. Love the upfront office people they're always very nice and make sure they solve any of my issues very fast!"
"Clean and comfortable common areas… new and modern units… leasing agents are super helpful and friendly. A bit expensive and there is a problem with residences cleaning up after their dogs."
"It’s been very nice. People can be loud in hallways at times and have a few bad wind draft and noise. Locks on doors are had to get use too. But over all has gone well for the first week"
"Other than the screaming kids and the missing dolly, it’s been great! We love the location and the amenities are great. Whoever designed this building really did think of all the little luxuries that make a huge difference!"
"It's been excellent. If we have a question or issue there's always a quick remedy. The staff is amazing. I have never lived in an apartment where things get done so quickly. This morning the maintenance man is walking with a hand spreader to de-ice so we are safe. This place is just that step above! Thank you"
"I’m Loving Living Here! Everything is new. Management Office is right on top of things. So glad I decided to move here. Everything is right here or around the corner."
"It's amazing here, we have settled in our apartment comfortably! Our neighbors are friendly . The staff are helpful welcoming. It's a perfect place to live!"
"Just moved in beautiful apartment. A few flaws but nothing major. All easy fixes. So far seems to be a fairly quiet building. Hallway has been a little messy at times. Possibly dropped trash but picked up very quickly!"
"Great. Recently a sprinkler head blew off in my unit and flooded the entire space. Alaxan Kingston offered us a new unit and has been great ever since."
"The nicest apartment complex I’ve ever lived in! Absolutely beautiful. Love the gym and can’t wait to try the pool in the summer. So far the staff has been super helpful as well!"
"Beautiful property. I love the community, everyone seems pleasant. The people in the office are extremely nice. The location is absolutely ideal."
"So happy with my new home! My apartment is fresh and beautiful, great location, and very helpful staff!! I’ve lived in multiple apartments and this has by far been the best experience overall."
"All the residents and staff members seem real nice, it is cold out so I’m sure warmer weather will be a bit more fun when the pool and fire pits are going"
"nice clean place with nice neighbors. maintenance is great comes in good time. do not have to get mail outdoors which is great do not have to go out in bad weather to get mail."
"the alexan is great!it’s location to major roads is unmatched! But it’s still quiet and rural despite its location to everything you could possibly need when it comes to shopping etc etc."
"Absolutely wonderful. I never expected to have a place like this to call home. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. It’s a wonderful community."
"I am a new resident here. I submitted a maintenance request the other day, and the maintenance supervisor was at my door within 15 minutes! Thank you!"
"I’m really enjoying living here. The building and amenities are excellent. The staff working here are friendly and helpful. I have zero complaints."
"Nice location, very close to everything. Pretty mello community, only complaints have been some of the service work we have requested not being addressed or handled properly. Price point is ok at best, but the cost of living in the area is outrageous as it is, this isn't more or less outrageous than the other complexes around. I do wish they would add another dog poop cleanup station at the south door as some people are not really picking it up and it would be more convenient for those who actually do to not have to walk as far to dispose of it. The place looks nice though and the staff is friendly and I do appreciate that they allow dogs, that was the selling point for me."
"Overall the experience at Alexan is pleasant. Unfortunately certain things just don’t seem to be a high priority in the community. These include the dog spa being WAYY behind, multiple doors being broken/ not working properly, a poorly maintained trash and recycling center, people not cleaning up after their animals, minors not being supervised as stated in the community rules & breaking amenities, and the advertised coffee maker being so hit or miss. It’s a nice building overall & we are looking forward to being able to actually utilize the outdoor space specifically once it warms up, but it seems as tho there is a struggle with maintaining a feeling of a luxury building as they advertise."
"Pretty good. Aesthetically pleasing facilities. Some minor issues—some appliances were cosmetically damaged when installed, lots of nicks in baseboard, etc. pretty quiet, which is a huge plus. On a scale of A through F, I give a B."
"So far everything has gone as expected 🙂 and I am pleased with how quickly the response has been whenever I needed help with anything. Thank you!"
"I already typed it once it didn't send .... here's the cliff notes I could use some respite from some residents... why are walls so thin and rent so high??? This place kinda seems like a box of mixed nuts ... also the doors have no sealing or insulation, and they aren't put in flush to the door frame... 2 stars because of all that and since I had to type this twice... I'm being slightly jocose, but also pretty serious. Happy new year 🎉"
"Love it here. I enjoy the amenities, the modern kitchen not crazy about the electric oven. The bathroom is a great size with a good sized walk in closet. Also like the security that you need a fob to access the apartments"
"I like the size and shape of my apartment, it's very unique to me. I also like the fact, that there's several different places to shop in the area. The staff in the community are very helpful and professional. Maintenance is respectful. Some basic work may take a little longer, waiting for supply."
"As we’ve been here longer, we are realizing that all of the issues we’ve heard or experienced are pretty much faced in any community like this. Other than small annoyances and resident issues, it’s pretty close to perfect. It would be nice to change the gym though - a lot of the equipment could be replaced with much more effective equipment. It’s way too specific, redundant, and leaves no options for some muscle groups. The equipment is high quality and the gym looks very nice but it’s pretty ineffective overall."
"Very happy to live here! The leasing professionals have been very friendly and helpful throughout the entire experience, and any maintenance we’ve needed has been prompt."
"I am so thankful that Kingston finally has luxury apartment rentals. The location next to the mall and commuter rail is perfect. These apartments are kid friendly and perfect for parents who work from home."
"Loving my new place! The ceilings are so high! Feels like a house! The dog loves it as well! The bathroom is huge! I was nervous about fitting my furniture but it all fits with pleanty of space.. great way to kick off the new year"
"New building Obviously No complaints Helpful workers Beautiful place Want more to do that is the only complaint. Tentative office and maintenance"
"I have never lived in a apartment building with this many apartments. It is pretty quiet for the most part. Between the gym, pool, game room and everything else you literally have everything right there"
"Love it here. The apartment is beautiful, the amenities are awesome, and the community as a while is just perfect. Everyone here is so nice and friendly."