Seaside Magnificence at ThreeV

Seaside Magnificence at ThreeV

Need a great idea for a date night, a family celebration, or just a nice weekend dinner? Our luxury apartments at Alexan Kingston have you covered. Our great location puts you close to several amazing restaurants in Kingston and Plymouth. Ranging from casual to classy, you have plenty to choose from. Best of all, many of them are just a short walk away from the beach. So experience seaside magnificence at ThreeV and let Alexan Kingston unlock a unique lifestyle for you.

ThreeV Restaurant in Plymouth

ThreeV is a modern American-themed restaurant in the heart of downtown Plymouth. It features a fantastic menu for all occasions, and a deep dedication to fresh ingredients and fine cooking techniques. With a delightful atmosphere close to the Atlantic, every meal is a memorable occasion. It’s also only three miles away from our luxury apartments, so you can drive to their front doors in less than ten minutes.

All-American Classics 

Whether you come for lunch, dinner, or weekend brunch, ThreeV’s menu has dozens of classic eats and treats for you to enjoy. Start your meal with a fresh Caesar salad, a bowl of clam chowder, or some crispy fried calamari. Afterwards, move onto the main course and savor favorites such as the cast iron pork chop, fish and chips, or the ThreeV angus burger. You can find the best version of your favorite foods at ThreeV.

Health-Conscious Options

Special dietary needs and preferences can also enjoy a meal at ThreeV. They have several gluten-free options available to ensure that everyone at the table can enjoy a great meal. There are also vegetarian and vegan friendly options, as well as a kid’s menu for little ones to enjoy. So bring your latest celebration to ThreeV and let the good times roll.

Indulge in seaside magnificence at ThreeV when you live at Alexan Kingston. So schedule your tour and lease today!