Meet the Team

Christopher Brown

Leasing and Marketing Professional

Fitness Enthusiast, Motorcycles, Beach Go-er, Nature Lover

Kingston, MA

Cat or Dog?


Favorite Quote

Life is too short, make the most of it.

When I’m not at Alexan Kingston, I'm...

At the gym or Plymouth waterfront

My Guilty Pleasure


Red or White?


Comedy Club or Dance Club?

Comedy Club

Little known fact about me

I have a twin

If I were in a Band, it would be...

The Singer

If I owned a Yacht, I would name it...

Sea Breezy

Favorite Candy

Milky Way

First Live Concert

Dirty Heads

If I could have a Superhuman Power, it would be...


Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

Black Raspberry

E-Reader or Paperback?


Song I love to dance to

Panic at the Disco

Camping or Glamping?


Favorite sports team


Dream Job

Sponsorship and Endorsement deals for e-Sports

Best Place I’ve Been

Mykinos, Greece

When I was a Kid...

I loved soccer

Book I wish I wrote

Harry Potter